How does Core Coders keep my information secure?

We know security and privacy are important to you – and they are important to us too. All personal information is held on encrypted disks, behind firewalls that only allow secure connections.

Our backup and archive solutions are full encrypted and transferred by point to point security.

All passwords are stored salted, hash and encrypted, they can not be decrypted however we suggest using difficult to guess passwords.

Do you sell personal information?

Absolutely NOT. We do not sell emails or any information that could be identify you as an individual, this includes any location data you store with us.

Your privacy is highly important to us.

Do you sell my data?

We do not sell your raw data or any data that could personally identify you or your device.

We do however process some track data completely anonymously to provide information for commercial use or for mountain safety.

For example we might provide a Ski Resort with a mountain density chart for a specific day to help manage the mountain better, the data provided would only be within the Ski Resort boundary and might be made up of thousands of data points each of these data points would be anonymous.

We also provide anonymous data for mountain safety and avalanche research, so by using one of our products you are helping to make the mountain a safer place.

Is my data in a proprietary format?

Absolutely NOT, we do not lock you in and you can download all your data onto one of our applications and export the data in open formats such as GPX, KML and KMZ.

We believe that your data should be fully transferable between products.