Sports Kit

SportsKit is a new technology developed by Core Coders to allow advanced sports algorithms to be developed efficiently. In addition SportsKit also provides services such as persistent storage, sensor management and built in processing units.

It also includes a sports physics engine that depending on the activity will fuse multiple sensors to provide the highest accuracy possible.

Our beta version of this product has already been deployed in our Wear 3 demo watch app and will soon be integrated into our Watch OS app.

SportsKit is Multiplatform and will run on most watches and mobile devices. It also has slave and master modes allowing realtime data to transfer automatically between paired devices.

Currently we are running a beta version in our Wear OS watch app and will soon be releasing updates to the rest of our range of apps to include this new exciting technology.

Although it will also form part our advanced sports webkit and editing system.

This technology will totally change the accuracy and performance of our products so look out for the “Powered by SportsKit”

Powered by SportsKit