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2022 Ski Season – Its not over yet


While the Northern Hemisphere 2022 is pretty well finished apart from a lucky few who still have some of the white stuff on their mountains. 

What a season 2022 has been so far. We would like to thank our millions of enthusiastic Ski Track’ers out there who made our ski season so special. 

We are all excited by 2022 Southern Hemisphere – while its too early to know how this will pan out with regard to the weather. At least travelling should be a little easier for those who want the endless winter experience.

Keep an eye on our website as we update Ski Tracks over the summer and of course don’t forget our Bike Tracks application should you be cycling around.

In the meantime I would like to give a big thank you again to all our customers, testers and everyone who have help us.

 Steven Wilson (Lead Engineer @ CoreCoders)

Ski Tracks – Wear 2 & 3

The Ski Tracks app for Wear 2 & 3 watches will be fully released soon

The Ski Tracks App for Wear 2 and Wear 3 is a free to download stand-alone watch app.

Sync you data at the end of the day with the Ski Tracks mobile application. 

Main Features

    • 4 Modes Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross Country and SnowShoe.
    • Skiing Duration, Maximum Speed, Vertical and Distance.
    • Altimeter, Max, Min
    • 2600+ Ski Resort Names, Locations, Base and Top Elevations.
    • Terrain Map with Live Track, Ski Resort Locations.
    • Complete Skiing history stored on Watch.
    • Low battery consumption.

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Ski Tracks App Statistics

We get asked a lot for Ski Tracks statistics so we thought we would share some of the main numbers with you. Before we go through the statistics we would like to thank all our customers – we could have not done it without you.

Total Downloads

In the past 12 years we have had a total downloads of Ski Tracks in the region of 4 million downloads. Ski Tracks is regularly top in its category across most countries that have Winter Sports. In the height of the season it is regularly in the top 10 overall app in the US, Canada, UK and much of Europe.

Yearly Usage

This figure has increased every year and now has nearly 2.7 million unique users starting Ski Tracks every year.

Monthly Usage

Mid season we generally have between 300,000 – 350,000 unique users starting Ski Tracks making it the most used Ski application in the world.

Daily Usage

Mid season we generally have between 40,000 – 45,000 unique  users starting Ski Tracks every morning as they go and up the mountain.

 Our Cloud Backup

Our online cloud system has only been operational for less than a year and in that time we have recorded.

25+ Million miles of Skiing, with 9.9 Billion Vertical Feet, with nearly 8 million Ski Days.

This season we are aiming at least doubling these numbers. We will give a live update on the site when the 2023 Ski Season starts.