Apple Health

Apple Health

Ski Tracks and our Ski Tracks Watch App are fully integrated into Apple Health. All the normal health data is created and your activity rings will reflect this.

If you want to automatically add your ski data recorded on the iPhone to Health you must set the Health in Ski Tracks options.

Ski Tracks Settings – with Health enabled.

If you do not enabled all Categories then the switch will continue to stay in off mode. You will then need to manually set the Categories to On using the Health or Settings App.

Turn All Categories On

When you start Ski Tracks or the Ski Tracks Watch App we will ask for the permissions required to integrate your Ski data in to Apple Health, if you do not Turn All Categories On – Ski Tracks will not be able to add your data to the Health system, in addition the Watch App will only be able to run as a companion to Ski Tracks and nohealth data will be recorded such as Heart Rate.

Health App – Sources – Ski Tracks

Manually Adding Existing Ski Activities

If you want to add historical data to Health then select the ski activity and select the manual add to Health button.

Manually adding existing ski activity to health.

If this button is not available then the ski activity is already in the Health workouts.

 Ski Tracks Watch App

The Ski Tracks Watch App must have all categories above turned on for recording ski data on the watch. If you do not have the categories above turned on you will have to use the Watch App in companion mode, this is done by starting Ski Tracks on the iPhone.

Ski Tracks Watch App

The Ski Tracks Watch App also uses Health to transfer workout data to Ski Tracks and this is not possible without the categories above turned on.


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