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Our Cloud Services

Server Maintenance

System Status: OK

Behind every great application now sits an increasingly complex set of server technologies and at Core Coders we are no different. Last season we moved to a new platform and service provider. Over the past month we have been upgrading both our hardware and software platforms to allow for new features to be added to our applications.

If you experience any issues with Sessions, Login or Backup or Restore please ensure you are now running the latest version of our apps.

Our current servers offer the following to all our customers.

  • Secure & Free unlimited storage of activity data and attached photographs.

In 2023 we will rolling out our new services including

  • Groups & Leaderboards
  • Locate Your Friends

Update Ski Tracks and Bike Tracks

To access our new services you must be running the latest version of our applications.

The latest versions of our apps can be downloaded from here.

Ski Tracks Android v1.4.7

Ski Tracks iOS 2.7.1

Ski Tracks Lite iOS 2.7.1

Bike Tracks iOS 1.5.7


Ski Tracks V2 + Apple Watch Series 5

We are pleased to announce V2 of Ski Tracks, with its award winning battery life and exciting features that has improved the experience for millions of Skiers.

Ski Tracks now fully supports all Apple Health ski features and the new Apple Watch Series 5. You really can leave you phone at home or in the lodge.

With incredible battery life the Ski Tracks Watch App is probably the most advanced Ski App in the world.

Once you finish your skiing all your data is automatically stored in Apple Health so completing your activity rings for the day.


  • Live Run Information including Last Run.
  • Altimeter
  • Maximum and Average Ski Speeds.
  • Vertical
  • Calories
  • Cross Country Ski Mode.
  • Snow Shoe Mode.
  • Markers
  • Summary with Activity Rings.

User Guide

For more information in using your Watch with Ski Tracks please checkout our Apple Watch SkiTracks User Guide

New Phone

New Phone

Remember to backup your old phone so you don’t lose any app data. All our applications implement a free secure backup/restore feature and is compatible across different phone suppliers.

Using our free service

Using our free backup and restore services is the easiest way of transferring your tracks to a new phone. You can synchronise all your data across multiple devices and even between Android and iOS versions of our apps.

Storing your activities and attached photos (in reduced resolution) is totally free with no limits and it does not add to your iCloud or Android backup costs.

Simply login with Facebook or an email and sync your ski days or rides, its simple and easy.

For more information on iOS click here.

For more information on Android click here.

Other Backup Options

Export and Import Activity Files

On iOS go to Settings ->Tools -> Backup All Tracks.

You can then use iTunes document sharing to move the backup folder to your computer.

For more information click here.

On Android go to Menu -> Tools -> Track Backup.

This will create SKIZ files of all your tracks in the directory Ski Tracks/Backup.

For more information click here.

Full Phone Backup & Restore

For iOS devices this guarantees getting all application data duplicated to your new phone. By backing up with iTunes and restoring that newest backup to your new phone guarantees the new phone will have all your data.

Some phone shops also offer phone transfer capabilities but check it copies all your application data.


Ski Tracks App Statistics

We get asked a lot for Ski Tracks statistics so we thought we would share some of the main numbers with you. Before we go through the statistics we would like to thank all our customers – we could have not done it without you.

Total Downloads

In the past 12 years we have had a total downloads of Ski Tracks in the region of 4 million downloads. Ski Tracks is regularly top in its category across most countries that have Winter Sports. In the height of the season it is regularly in the top 10 overall app in the US, Canada, UK and much of Europe.

Yearly Usage

This figure has increased every year and now has nearly 2.7 million unique users starting Ski Tracks every year.

Monthly Usage

Mid season we generally have between 300,000 – 350,000 unique users starting Ski Tracks making it the most used Ski application in the world.

Daily Usage

Mid season we generally have between 40,000 – 45,000 unique  users starting Ski Tracks every morning as they go and up the mountain.

 Our Cloud Backup

Our online cloud system has only been operational for less than a year and in that time we have recorded.

25+ Million miles of Skiing, with 9.9 Billion Vertical Feet, with nearly 8 million Ski Days.

This season we are aiming at least doubling these numbers. We will give a live update on the site when the 2023 Ski Season starts.