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2021 Ski Season

Update 4th April 2021

As the northern hemisphere skiing season is slowly drawing to a close we would like to thank our amazing testers,  return users and new customers who have been so incredibly supportive of Ski Tracks this season.

Some of the support emails have been incredibly inspiring and have meant a lot to the team.

Like so many other industries Covid19 restrictions have placed enormous pressures on everyone and especially for the Ski industry that relies heavily on both international travel and hospitality.

With much of Europe completely shutdown and the North American and Asian resorts under strict restrictions the 2021 ski season has not quite gone to plan. 

For those who were able to get to the mountains we are pleased that you were able to support the Ski industry and we hope you had some great skiing conditions.

We are preparing for some exciting updates for the Southern Hemisphere winter and we will be announcing some additions to our product line up in over the next few months. 

In the meantime I would like to give a big thank you again to all our customers, testers and everyone who have help us.

 Steven Wilson (Lead Engineer @ CoreCoders)