2021 Ski Season

Update 1st October 2020

It’s official the 2020/2021 ski season is upon us.

Ski Tracks officially defaults to the next Ski Season on the 1st of October. Normally this is the time when we get excited about planning our skiing and snowboarding trips and meeting up with our friends in the mountains. There is nothing like the satisfaction of waxing your skis and boards for the first time.

Clearly this season will be a challenge for the entire skiing industry with so many countries with different Covid19 alert levels and travel restrictions. For those who are a car ride away or live in a ski resort then hopefully you will not be too impacted.

For those who do get to the mountains we wish you some really great snow conditions.

Our next update will be 1st November where our in house weather forecaster will attempt to try and work out how the early season ski conditions are panning out across the globe.

In the meantime stay safe and think snow.