New Phone?

New Phone

Getting a new phone how exciting, we are as well but remember to backup your phone so you don’t lose any app data. All our applications have a free secure backup/restore feature and is compatible across different phone suppliers.

Option 1 – Use our cloud services

Using our cloud services is the easiest way of transferring your tracks to a new phone, you can synchronise all your data across multiple devices and operating systems.

Storing your activities and attached photos (in reduced resolution) is totally free and it does not add to your iCloud or Android backup costs.

Simply login with Facebook or an email and sync your tracks, its simple and easy.

For more information on iOS click here.

For more information on Android click here.

Option 2 – Export and Import Activity Files

On iOS go to Settings ->Tools -> Backup All Tracks. You can then use iTunes document sharing to move the backup folder to your computer.

For more information click here.

On Android go to Menu -> Tools -> Track Backup. This will create SKIZ files of all your tracks in the directory Ski Tracks/Backup.

For more information click here.

Option 3 – Full Phone Backup & Restore

For iOS devices this is the most reliable way of getting every application and data duplicated to your new phone. By backing up with iTunes and restoring that newest backup to your new phone guarantees the new phone will have all your data.

Some phone shops also offer phone transfer capabilities but check it copies all your application data.