2017 January Snow Forecast

Issued at 13 Jan 2017

Well what a season so far, with incredible snow fall in the USA, Canada and heavy snow in Japan – 2017 is turning out to be fabulous. Even Switzerland and the western Alps that have started the season with the worst snowfall for 100 years now have some descent snow conditions.

Europe – Alps ❄︎❄︎

After the worst conditions in the western alps – its great to report that the Alps now have some amazing conditions thanks to a meter of new snow and some cold conditions.

France – Curtesy of Lorraine Purdie

Outlook: Some more snowfall throughout January staying very cold.

Spain, Andorra – Pyrenees ❄︎❄︎

Further snowfall over the coming week.

Outlook: Continuing to get colder but dryer.

Canada ❄︎❄︎❄︎

Canada and in particularly the Coastal Mountain Range has much more active  weather condition with heavy snow. Later this week and going forward for the rest of this month.

Whistler Peak, curtesy of Core Coders

Outlook: Substantial snowfall in BC and some further snowfall and rain in the rest of Canada.

USA ❄︎❄︎❄︎

West of the rockies (California) heavy snowfall predicted mid week.

Mid rockies (Utah, Montana) mainly cold with further snowfall mid week and towards the weekend.

East rockies (Colorado) Snowfall beginning one the week and into the weekend and next week with more snow.

East coast – More snow for mid week.

Outlook: Most ski resorts in the USA experiencing continued snow fall for the rest of the month, with slightly less cold conditions.

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